Unreasonable Impact UK & Europe Demo Day

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November 18, 2020 9:00 am - November 21, 2020 9:00 am London
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This is an invite-only virtual event that will feature the 2020 cohort of Unreasonable Impact Fellows across the UK & Europe. Join us to hear the stories of 13 breakthrough entrepreneurs — sourced from across the UK & Europe because their ventures are aligning the promise of leading-edge technologies with the future of food, energy, transportation, and the jobs of tomorrow.

Project Etopia

Combining energy, construction and intelligent technologies to create the eco cities of the future.

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Deep Branch

Transforming carbon dioxide directly from industrial emissions into a nutritious and sustainable single cell protein.

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Connected Energy

Repurposing valuable second-life electric vehicle batteries via stationary battery storage systems.

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Reducing food costs and wasted resources for the hospitality industry.

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Creating viable, fully compostable flexible packaging solutions to help nurture the soil for a plastic-free world.

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Delivering 100 percent hand-prepared, vegan, and sustainable meals to doorsteps across the UK.

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Eco Wave Power

Harnessing ocean and sea waves to generate clean and affordable electricity.

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Making and distributing sustainable-sourced bulk meals to offices and homes.

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Novihum Technologies

Using high-value organic matter to transform depleted soil into fertile land.

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Providing environmentally sensitive concrete solutions to enhance ecological value and increase durability of marine infrastructure.

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Empowering the solar power revolution with robotic cleaning solutions.

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Worn Again Technologies

Developing circular recycling technologies for textiles, replacing virgin resources with recaptured raw materials.

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Placing biological systems at the heart of building technologies, materials and manufacturing methods.

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