• Presenting Ventures

  • Connecting neighbors with each other and volunteers with local businesses, to share food (and other things) rather than throw them away.
  • Pioneering clean air technology that maps, measures, monitors and cleans polluted air to make it safe for people to breathe.
  • Helping enterprises reduce waste through a marketplace to redistribute items and generate sustainable impact.
  • Turning trash from the poorest neighborhoods in the world into recycled fabric. At the onset of the pandemic, Day Owl's parent company, Thread, retooled their factory to produce face shields and masks for frontline workers.
  • Providing a long-term clean drinking supply to the Navajo Nation, a community with the highest per-capita COVID-19 infection rate in the US.
  • Precision, mobile testing for COVID-19 that provides realtime results.
  • An indoor farming operation that's created “Veggie Vans” to reach neighborhoods, often food deserts, most adversely affected by this pandemic.
  • India's leading on-line pharmacy and mobile healthcare platform, providing constant critical care during the pandemic.
  • Creating 100% biodegradable, eco-friendly, food packaging and opening new markets in sustainable medical supplies.
  • Creating the future of aquaculture with an IoT smart feeding technology to help the livelihoods of hundreds of millions of fish farmers.
  • Other Presenters

  • Founder, Humanity Forward
    Founder, Humanity Forward
  • Daniel Epstein // Unreasonable
  • Joe McGrath // Barclays
    Barclays Global Head of Banking
  • Chid Liberty // Unreasonable Mentor
  • Madame Ellen Johnson Sirleaf
  • Sasha Wiggins // Barclays
  • Shankari Mylvaganam // Unreasonable
  • Jeff Hoffman // Unreasonable Mentor
  • Armando Christian Pérez aka "Pitbull"
  • Pratibha Vuppuluri // Unreasonable
  • Fireside Keynote with Arianna Huffington
    Founder & CEO at Thrive Global
  • Stephen Doherty // Barclays
    Barclays Group Head of Corporate Relations

About Unreasonable Impact

This COVID-19 Response Summit is an extension of Unreasonable Impact: a multi-year partnership between Barclays and Unreasonable Group that supports growth-stage entrepreneurs solving pressing societal challenges across the Americas, Europe, and Asia Pacific.

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